What You Should Know to Text Your Ex

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Relationships may come to an end and others bloom in their place. Feelings, however, may take a while before they dissipate. Texting your Ex is quite common and while it should not always be the case, there are times where you can’t resist the urge. A large number of women tend to text their former boyfriends in ways that end up keeping them away instead of bringing him back. If you find yourself texting your ex and never end up getting what you want, then here are a few tips on how to text your ex. These simple tips will win back your ex faster than you expected.

Knowing what to text to your ex is just the first step. If we are being truly honest, the text itself may not be enough to win back your ex. However, it is one of the fastest ways of getting the process started. If you are going to win your ex back, then formulate a strategy to get the task done. Incorporating the text will help your ex onto the plan.

The first thing that you should know is how much is enough. Most women would think that texting their ex should be done frequently. However, this is not the case. You need not nor should you send many text messages as these only floods your ex’s phone. Moreover, it gives the impression that you are desperately trying to get his attention.

If you are going to text your ex, then it is best to do so some weeks after the breakup. Wait until the dust has settled. Avoid any contact with your ex as it will help serve your purpose when you eventually text him back.

If you are going to win your ex back through texting, then you should know the four main components that make any text successful. The first is an apology showing remorse if you were the one who made a mistake. Make sure that it is a gentle apology; don’t go on repeating how sorry you are. By apologizing, you show that you are mature and take responsibility for your actions.

Next, ensure that you state you are ok with the breakup. This will help you communicate the feeling that you are ready to move on with your life and do not harbor any hard feelings for your ex. Moreover, you should mention vaguely that you are happy with your life. For instance, you could mention that you met an old friend whom you found yourself having a good time with. Make sure not to give out any details as this tends to spoil the text. In this way, you will make your ex curious as to how you are actually doing.

There are two crucial elements that must be mentioned here. First, curiosity: your text must make your ex curious otherwise he will never call you. For instance, you may say that you want to thank him for the favor he had done earlier or something along these lines. If he does call, be sure to have something to say.

The other element is honesty. While you may twist the truth slightly in your texts, do not lie straight from the start. If you are not honest in what you say especially when he calls you, he may never believe you again and this defeats the whole purpose of texting to win him back.

Here’s an example of a winning text to get your ex’s attention. “I find myself smiling sometimes when I think of you, I smile when I remember the long walks we used to text or the times we used to cuddle and watch a movie together. You made me feel safe whenever I was with you and I am glad that you were in my life.” Simple as it is, this text is sure to ignite the curiosity flames in your ex’s mind.

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  1. Hey Kristy, I think texting your ex can be a useful thing to start the lines of communication again. I would just add to the importance to try your best to keep it positive and dont text too often or too soon.

  2. Hi Denis.

    You’re right. Texting to often while in ‘hard’ situation can make relationship get worse.

    So… texting wisely and hold your emotion