What Do’s and Dont’s on Your First Date

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The first dates can be very un-nerving; it can make even the brave ones silent and shy, which induces mistakes that are quite embarrassing. Such situation can create the chance of blowing away the opportunity of subsequent dates. In the previous post you can learn how to dress for the first date. Now, here are some tips that will help you make your first date successful with the added bonus of creating a good impression as well.


  • Be on time – you will not like to disappoint your date by reaching late. Either the person will think that you are tardy and will leave before you arrive.
  • Make him feel comfortable – as it is, the first date is always edgy, therefore you should relax and be calm and try to make him the same in order to enjoy the date.
  • Try to be interesting – do not turn up for a date with a third person whose presence will turn the situation awkward creating a scene when it will be like as though you were alone.
  • Laugh at jokes – laughing even when listening to stale jokes will give the impression that you are interested in him.
  • Converse lively – waiting for him to speak out might deepen the silence. Both of you might be waiting for the other to take the first step which can prolong the silence and make the date boring. It will be best if you can have a few questions ready before you come for the date.
  • Take interest – show your interest in your date by listening carefully when he is speaking. Bring out your interest by asking questions here and there regarding his passions and other interests.
  • Find a different place – you need not stick to the typical movie theater or a restaurant for your first date. Use your creativity and find a place that will be the first for both of you.
  • Be confident – confidence plays a big role in a date and reveals a lot about a person. If you are confident you will be able to sail through your first date smoothly which will make him feel comfortable with you as well.
  • Be yourself – show your real self to him and let him make the choice about you in all your glory and faults. If you pretend to be someone you are not, a time will come when your real self will automatically be revealed, if you decide to continue your relationship. Therefore, it will be wise that you show your real self and let him make the choice.
  • Stay safe – When you go on your first date, you should let your friends know the details of your date including the venue. You should carry your cell phone with you.


  • Don’t Be late – don’t destroy the first impression and tag yourself as lazy by being late for the date.
  • Don’t Brag – speak less about yourself ask more question about him.
  • Don’t talk about past relationship – this is taboo, avoid talking about it otherwise it will turn him off.
  • Eat properly – If in a restaurant, do not eat with your mouth open, its gross.
  • Don’t ask personal question – skirt asking too personal questions. In your first date don’t reveal too much and also don’t ask too many personal details.
  • Be yourself – do not impersonate, let him get the real picture and decide what he wants.
  • Marriage and kids – do not be in a hurry to propose marriage and kids thereafter, it will turn him off.
  • No sex – If you have been rejected, do not propose sex again and make yourself cheap.
  • Thank you – after the dates don’t forget to thank him for the great time, this shows good manners.
  • No drinks – control your drinking if drinks have been proposed, you might lose control of yourself and spoil the whole show.

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