Use These 5 Dressing Ideas for First Date

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Getting dressed up for your first date is rather tricky, you are not aware of the tastes of the person. If you presume that your dress will give away your personality, then the task become more complex.

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Here are five dressing ideas discussed here that can save the day for you.
1. Overdressing – this you should avoid in order to make an impression on your date. Whatever dress you choose, wear it and see how you feel wearing it. If you feel ugly then discard it and in case you feel comfortable and good about yourself, wear it. Since this is an informal affair you need to avoid wearing any formals.

2. Comfortable dress – first date already is a tension affair therefore you should not wear something that will be uncomfortable and make you self conscious to the point that it destroys your date. If you intend to wear a new dress and have doubts about its being comfortable, you can wear it an hour or so before the date and get used to it. You might want to look catchy and cute but if the dress is not comfortable, you can wear it for your subsequent dates.

3. Be considerate – when getting dressed up for your first date you should also consider the taste and preferences of your date. Say, for example, if you are dating a simple guy you should also dress up simple in order to match with your date. This can set up the date on a positive note. However, whatever dress you wear it should be comfortable.

4. Comfortable shoes – though an important part of your outfit shoes are generally not given much importance when you dress up. Your shoes should match with your dress very well. The shoes should also be very comfortable, who knows, you might both want to take a long walk on your first date.

5. Dress as per venue – this is an important point. You need to choose your dress in harmony with the occasion or the venue. If you are going to witness a sporting event you need to wear dress that befits the occasion, like wearing a t-shirt, jeans and hat. And in case you are having a dinner date then some kind of classic dress will be appropriate.

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You should opt more for the dress in which you look pretty. Wanting to look sexy might tempt you, however wearing your micro-minis and see-through tops on the first date will not be appropriate, you can save them for some other romantic moments.

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