The Million Dollar Question, “Should I Text My Ex?”

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The thought has probably occurred more than twice, “Should I text my ex?” and as close it came to happening; you were able to convince yourself otherwise. Maybe because it was your fear of the response or even worse; lack of response. But, more than that; it was the fear of rejection and suffering through the heartache that already exists. Losing someone is one of the hardest things to endure, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have any control with the situation. Deep down you already know the magic of what you both had; so is it fair to give up without a fight? Those feelings don’t go away overnight, but it’s been too long to ignore them at this point. What should you do? If the thought of texting your ex has popped up a few times; then maybe there is something to it.

should text my ex or not

Emm … text him or not …

So, Should I Text My Ex?

It’s true; you are the only one that knows the answer to this. Every relationship is different and there are few things that must be addressed. Did you both end on bad terms? Was there infidelity issues and is the other person willing to look past them? Regardless; there is always a chance to start fresh, but you have to play your cards correctly to avoid being hurt.

So, once you’ve figured out the reason behind the ending and whether there is a chance for reconciliation; then it’s time to make a game plan. You can’t just text him “hello” and hope for the best; there has to be a reason behind it to guarantee a response. For example; if you have something from him that still needs to be returned; you can easily say that you “stumbled upon” it and wanted to know if he’d like it back? This is a direct question that doesn’t concern your relationship and will receive a response. Whether his answer is “yes” or “no”; you have still managed to open the lines of communication for a chance of development. Especially if he insists on receiving this forgotten item; then it guarantees a meeting between you and you can take it from there.

Is There a Wrong Way to Text My Ex?

Many women believe that by sending a harmless, “Hope you are well” text will, in return, demand a response. Unfortunately, because a direct question isn’t being asked; the chances of response is small and your heartache will increase. Other ideas such as, “Listening to our favorite song” and “Something reminded me of you; just saying hi” are also on the “no-no” list; so avoid them at all costs. This is why ending the very first contact with a question is the best opportunity for success! Try to find something from the relationship that relates to him without having to get emotionally involved on the first text.

For instance; “The sink is acting up again and you were great at fixing it. Any pointers?” or “I know it’s been a while, but I have a quick question. You’re very knowledgeable with restaurants; can you recommend one for me to take my mother?” These are simple and harmless questions that haven’t much meaning, but makes your ex feel important and missed without blatantly telling him. After all; a little hard to get is always fun.

Lastly, once you take that step and decide to text your ex; make sure to leave the past where its at. The goal isn’t to prove who is right or wrong from the previous relationship; it’s to figure out the future from here. So, if you’re feelings for him are still strong and you’ve been deciding, “Should I text my ex?”; it may be time to take that step towards your future. Just remember to play your cards right!

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