Text Your Ex Back Review – Does Michael Fiore Tricks Work?

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Text messages could be your greatest ally or your worst enemy. If you are experiencing a broken relationship, these could alienate your ex or maybe your life partner further more. Then, cause your relationship to become irreparable if you use text messages erroneously. However, if you use them correctly, text messages could help immensely to get back to your ex partner.

text your ex back michael fiore

If you plan to apply text messages in getting back your ex, there are several essential things you have to consider. Michael Fiore as an expert on relationships and the author of the program Text Your Ex Back, said that if you want to get back your ex, you have to be sure that you are getting them back for the right reasons.

You can find these reasons when you start missing your ex and realize all that they brought to your life. When you honestly appreciate your ex, you will feel like you have a true connection to them. If you believe that the reasons of your break up can be accepted, resolved, and moved past, then you are ready.

You may know from personal experience that getting back together with an ex can be bad news, but now there’s science to back this up. One researcher has found that couples in “cyclical relationships” tend to have more problems — and worse marriages.
Source: http://jezebel.com/5888672/science-confirms-getting-back-with-your-ex-will-only-end-in-tears

You must not attempt to get back with an ex who physically or emotionally abused you or if you are just trying to satisfy your personal ego.

Text Your Ex Back Overview

text your ex back complete packageThe Text Your Ex Back system is a PDF guide that includes some bonuses and an audio version with interviews from people who have experienced both unfaithfulness and forgiveness. It also has a complete course in the proper use of Facebook when you are experiencing break ups.

This is different from other systems because it does all of the work for you. This program actually provides you with the perfect texts to forward to your former girlfriend/boyfriend. You do not have to worry about what you are sending and they are proven to be effective.

The most important benefit that the program offers is the fact that it is extremely easy to utilize. Texting your ex is really a smart action. According to the author, texting is considered one of the best tools to master when you want to get back your ex. Unfortunately, some people do not know the exact way to use a simple text to get their ex back.

The following are some vital things to consider when you want to text your ex back:

  • Get back your ex for the right reasons
  • Have reasonable expectations
  • Understand the breaking up and have apparent goals
  • The “no contact rule” must be applied
  • Do not apply a “nothing Text” to start the conversation

Few Tips to Get Your Ex Back
Here are some things to keep in mind if you are doing your first few texts to get back your ex:

  • Do not be desperate or needy. It is normal if you do not get an answer.
  • Be optimistic and cheerful rather than attempting to have a serious talk regarding the relationship.
  • Validate the feelings of your ex. Do not tell your former partner that what they feel is stupid or wrong. They are entitled to their opinion even if you observe things in a different way.

Michael Fiore recommends the use of “across the bow” texts in order to start the conversation and getting rid of “nothing texts” if possible. “Nothing texts” are just texts that do not actually mean anything and do not create any interest or require any response. Examples of these things are “hi” or “what’s up.” These are the common mistakes made by people when trying to text a former partner.


Finally, if you have experienced a broken relationship and you want to text your ex back, you need to have this guide. You are obviously interested in this course because you’re reading many good reviews around this site. You have to try the Text Your Ex Back program by Michael Fiore because he guarantees that you will succeed in getting your ex back. If you aren’t successful, your money will be returned to you. Just try to text and you will get back your ex.

Where / How to Buy the Program?

You can buy Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back program from here (official review site). Click the big orange buy button below and you will be redirected to the official “Text Your Ex Back” website.

Then simply choose if you’re trying to get an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend back and you’re ready to go!
P. S. You need to wait and watch video presentation before “add to cart” button appear, then you can purchase this package
P. P. S. Thousands copies have been sold, this is mean you’re in the right direction if you buy this course.



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  1. Pantelis Zitis says:

    hi Michael, me and my wife broke up 1 year ago see i made a lot of bad finance dicissions which i had do declare bankruptcy we lost the house since then she hates me with a passhion she wont talk to me if i ring her she hangs up on me and she almost put an avo on me but the cop feklt sorry for me and didn’t aproove it and she said that i am a misogynist but i believe i am not a hater of woman you see i love her so much it hurts she is my life any way she now lives with her parents with our 2 kids and i live with my mother as this is the only choice i have now i ask you i have bought your program in a desperate attempt to get my wife back do you honestly think i have a chance to get her back i need all the help i can get so help me please signed a sad husband pete !

    • Hi Pantelis, thanks for stopping by on my blog…

      Firstly, I’m not Michael (Fiore). This is me and this is my personal blog : )
      I am very sad to hear your story, I know relationship is hard, all need to struggle. I can’t give you much suggestion as you have not told me the complete story.. But, I think your wife got trauma with life of a “failed marriage” and you can’t no longer be able to support your family in money term. Losing your house was too much anyway. She desperate, depressed. She need time…

      Always look on the bright side of life. Stay as positive as you can. It, obviously, will hurt for a while, but when that passes, you will have learned a lot, mostly about yourself, but also about your wife, and your own resilience. Also, try to seek a psychologist…

      Good luck.

  2. Billybot says:

    Ok I have an issue my ex and I broke up beginning of march now since then she has started seeing this guy. Every single one of my friends that runs into her at the bar with this guy says he looks like an herb. After the relationship I tried desperately to get her back calling, drunk calls, texting but was met with harsh words. I even went on a date wity that she asked me to go on and when I say that this guy was texting her I flipped out and it ended in her crying. I asked her to choose between him or me (stupid I know) she couldn’t give me an answer. Then she came to see me last week and I didn’t even give her any trouble we had a good time. The next day she calls me to talk to me making the biggest deal about how great her day is going as i was going and she knew I was going to a show in boston. Now yesturday she puts up on face book “class till 945 then boy <3" we dated for a year I love this girl and I need to know cause I've been good putting distance and been avoiding texting but is this her trying to make me jealous and what should I do? I want her back and I'm about to go down there and literally find this dude and mess him up bad!!!

  3. Billybot says:

    Ok I need help again desperately. I have lately been doing well web though my ex put up the status of her now being in a new relationship and it’s hurt a little. But I’m
    Getting my emotions in check but I found it too funny when the day after she decided to go on my Facebook and like a photo on there then next thing I knew she is also now attending a party that happens every year amongst friends of mine now and she knows I’m going. Now what do if she shows up with him I’m gonna freak out if not what do it do I haven’t talked to her in 2.5 weeks and now she’s in a relationship and I feel like she is trying to get my attention! I’m freaking out !!!

  4. I have downloaded your text your ex back yesterday. But I am so nervous.
    Me & my ex have had so much arguments. Last year it got so bad him pushing me away so much. I met someone online. In a different country. He found out got really possessive. Situations got worse, I left & went abroad to see this guy.
    For 16 days. He was going mad.
    After 2 months of splitting, We did get back together but I was distant from him for 6 months. I couldn’t trust him. Always thought he would switch again. This time I pushed him away. He was different but so clingy. Something I wasn’t used to with him.
    6 weeks ago, he met someone online, he was seeing her behind my back.
    He blames me for pushing him away. And wants to give this woman ago & has left me. I have been depressed for a week now, you can imagine my pain. We have talked since. He tells other people, that he still loves me but we don’t get on. To me he said we are not good for each other & he cares for me.
    And that he likes this woman’s companionship.
    Do you think your plan will work. Pls I am in so much pain. Pls be open with me. Do we have a chance. I spoke to him today because I have a few things of his that he wants back. He don’t want to speak because he knows I still hurt. I was very blunt to him, & said he will get his stuff back when I see a friend. I said I’m moving on & so should he. I said good luck to you, & shut the phone.
    I had been begging him before. I do want him back, but all he cares about is his processions. While I’m hurting so much :( help me pls

  5. Alishar says:

    My husband use to cheat on me with my sister. (yes, I know is hard, but I know I’m not the only one). I will be honest: I wanted revenge. And I got it. Now I’m stepping through a great year of our relationship, and we are planning our next vacations together in Paris!!!. My dearest, you saved my love life, she never interfere with our love ever since you cast your spell.do you need his email here it is wiseindividualspell@gmail.com, or so his number +2348078927387 i will share this are over the posting site.

  6. My ex-boyfriend dumped me 4 months ago after I accused him of seeing
    someone else and insulting him.I want him back in my life but he refuse to
    have any contact with me. I was so confuse and don’t know what to do,so I
    reach to the internet for help and I saw a testimony of text ex back of Mike
    help them to get their ex back with text messages so I tried this.
    When am using text messages, I have full control of what am going to say
    and express my feelings.
    No, I am so happy that my love is back again and not only that,
    we are about to get married. once again thank

  7. Hi everyone.
    My name is Brooke and am 36 years old. I got married to George whwn I was 21 and we have two lovely kids. We had marital problems and he sent me packing.

    I read text your ex back by mike fiore and his works, at first I didn’t believe but I decided to take a try. I did all I was asked to do on this guide

    On one faithful, I was about going out when I met my husband in my door step on his knees begging for me to come back. I was speechless and could not believe my eyes. I thought it was all a dream.

    Well am glad to say that am happily reunited with him.

  8. Can I please get text your ex back review in a written form since I have been having a hard time trying to see the video.. Thank you

  9. I have been broken up with my ex for going on three months now. I have tried two other systems ex back experts and that system by Ashley Kay… I didn’t get my ex back and yes I did it correctly he and I are talking. We have 3 kids together his job transferred him back to NY because he was an emotional wreck over our breakup and couldn’t even work when he was the one who dumped me. Now I am wondering will this work I want my ex back, for myself and our kids.

  10. Micheline says:

    hey my name is Micheline
    yes , i broke up with my boyfriend about 4 months ago and yeah we did see other people but we both didn’t like the idea because he made each other jealous,, but now that we both single he fight with me over the simple things and we not back togther yet, but i will love if we can get back together i really do miss him alot not for the wrong reasons for the right reasons and even do i broke up and 4 months go by i still have feelings for him and i am little unsure about his… but why does he want to argu with me over stupit stuf… please help me to understand i know it stupit but i just want to understand

  11. Hi, my name is James from Austria. I want to appreciate for the help to bring my girlfriend back to me by text messages. I am living with my girlfriend now and we are getting married in a month time. I just wanted to thank you for all your help through this guide.

  12. I started to get my ex back then I text him and called him so much. He left again now what… What can I do now?

    • Tami, rushing back into the relationship is quite common. Your ex was probably not ready for that just yet.

      Pull back on the contact and take things slow this time. He will come around again.

  13. My boyfriend of almost two years broke up with me when i took all my things from his house (i have lots of things in his house since we live together). well this is what happened, we used to have a good relationship and im pretty sure that he loves me, but lately he’s been very cold and he doesnt text or call me that much anymore. when i got tired of it, i left but i did not break up with him, i figured i just need time, but then he’s the one who initiated the break up. after we broke up, i didnt text him, he txted me and told me to get all of the things that i left in his house when he’s not around, because he doesnt wanna see me or talk to me anymore he also thanked me for everything. i told him that its okay ill just get my stuffs when he’s at school,i also thanked him for everything. i pretended that the break up is fine with me, i dont text him nor post anything on facebook or twitter that would suggest that i miss him or anything that would concern him. the next day he texted me and asked for forgiveness, he said that he loves me, i forgave him because i love him. now he’s treating me the same way again, he ignores my text and we were supposed to meet up today but he said he wanted to rest because he’s tired, i love him and i dont want to just let him go. but what should i do? how can i make him love me again, the same way that he did before?

  14. Me and my ex have been broke up for 6 months now. He is with someone else now and has been since te breakup. Yet he continues to turn to me. I wouldn’t answer his calls so he just kept calling and texting. I finally gave in and responded which ended up with him with me yesterday. I don’t want to share him any longer. I want him back to just myself. Curious if this will work if I already slept with him since the breakup and we talk all the time.

  15. My ex and I broke up 2 months ago we became friends but about two weeks ago I startes nagging and begging him to get back with me that things would be different that I was going to change I beg him to the point I push him away and he got out my Car and start walking to his house then he txt me that he never wants to talk to me again that we were done for good and to leave him alone I don’t need him I want him back in my life I go out I date but I still missed him what can I do and would the program help me please I need and advise oh I when to go get some things from his car today and he smile at me but then act it like he didn’t want to talk to me I told him if we could be friends and he said no.

  16. Hello am Jennifer. Thanks for the review