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Use Body Language to Attract a Man

If you want to attract the man of your desire, you can do so without speaking out a word. You can use the movement of your body to do so. This attitudes of the body is called body language which you can use to send out the right signals to either attract the right guy or repel the wrong one.

Your eyes
Eye contact is the most important factor in body language. You can begin with sidelong glances and then make direct eye contact. When your eyes meet, lower yours with a smile. He will presume that you were eyeing him and now embarrassed at being caught. Next time, when you look up, hold on to his stare and smile sweetly. This will get him hooked. On the other hand if you find a man staring at you in whom you are not interested, look away and also move away from him. Engage in a conversation with an acquaintance and look around away from that man. This will tell him your disinterest regarding him.

Your dress
Dresses do most of the time create a great impression. If you are on the path to finding the Mr Wright you need to create the first impression with your get up. If you look best, you will naturally feel best and when you go out of you home looking your best, you are sure to attract attention of people amongst whom your gorgeous man might be lurking.

Your hands
Your hands can be very powerful instruments for transmitting messages without direct contact. An open hand shows an open mind, keep your hands open. Stroking your hair, rim of your glass or any part of your dress can convey sensuality and attract attention to you. And if you are bold enough, you can start a conversation with him and in between pretend to brush off something off his coat or jacket or stress your point by touching him. On the other hand if you find the guy’s hands clenched or shoved into his pockets you can take it as a sign of disinterest. Drumming of the table or tapping are also sign language of telling you to move on.

Your stance
You can transmit your interest with your posture as well. Open posture brings forth an open person therefore when you are conversing with your target you should be facing him squarely with your feet flat on the floor, atilt towards him advertising your interest in him. If you are sitting across him cross and uncross your legs often, shoving your chest towards him. He will get the message. While, crossing of arms while holding a drink or turning away are signs of disinterest.
Other signs to look for
•    Copying one another’ body stance is a good sign, but over-doing is not good.
•    Too much attention to food or drinks is a complete put off.
•    If you find your target not responding favorably, abort mission.
•    Do not follow him all night, you will look cheap.

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