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How to Know Whether a Guy Likes You or Not

he_loves_me_notIt is tricky some of the times to infer what is going on in a guy’s mind, especially when it concerns getting into a relationship. Many guys are very shy to reveal their feelings directly or through a medium. Some guys are courageous and smart enough to approach a girl to speak his mind out while there are others who hesitate to do so for fear of getting rejected. In such a situation it helps if you know the signs which will indicate that the guy likes you and want to befriend you, this way you will find it easier to size things up and take whatever decision you need to take. Here are some signs that will show the guy likes you.

Constant staring – this is one of the important signs that indicate that the guy has fallen for you. You will find him observing you to see how you dress, walk, talk and even try to understand your preferences. He might be staring at you when you are not looking but when you look at him you will find him nervously looking elsewhere pretending not to have noticed you.

Eager to talk – or interact with you is another sign that the guy likes you. It is but natural that people like to talk and interact with someone whom they recognize and love. The guy who likes you will try to talk to you on any pretext and try to know more about you directly or indirectly. He will try to know about your education, occupation, family, friends and other background information. Similarly he will also try to impress you by talking about himself and his positive attributes.

Giving gifts – gifts is another way of making an impression on you because gifts are something that no one in her right mind will refuse. Guys assume that the best way to put a girl on the defensive is by gifts and the more expensive the gift more will it be easy to get near her. He will try out various types of gifts in order to find out what type of gifts you like. He will even go beyond his means to get a gift for you that you like.

Getting friendly with your friends and family – this is another way the guy will try to get friendly with you. The guy will find out where you hang out and who are your friends and will very likely make them his friends too. Moving further he will also try and befriend your family members one way or the other. It is common knowledge that if the girl’s family disapproves the guy it will be a difficult proposition for him to date you. After he manages to get accepted by your friends and family, he will get invitation to parties and family events wherein he will get access to you. During such encounters you will be able to know his intentions by either observing him or asking people that are close to him.

Change in appearance – guys have this common trend of changing their appearance all of a sudden when they start liking a girl in order to make a huge impression on the girl concerned. You will, one fine morning, find the guy sporting a new hairstyle, wearing clothes of latest fashion and probably find him driving a luxury car furiously whenever you are around. You will notice him easily and perhaps curiously for his weird behavior.

Over friendly – the guy who is in love with you will go out of his way to be overly friendly and gentle with you when he is interacting with you. Although his natural self might be moody and hot tempered, he will do everything to suppress his nature and appear very civilized in front of you. Once you have interacted with him in a friendly way directly, he will go out of his way to drop you home, call you to know about you health in case you are not well, give you money in case of your need and so on.
These are some of the signs that will indicate whether a guy has fallen for you or not. However, these are indirect way of gauging the guy’s intention, but if you want to be sure it would be better to interact with the guy directly.


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