Michael Fiore: The Relationship Expert

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who is michael fioreMichael Fiore has been called “The man with the magic thumbs” ever since he created a way to mend broken relationships. He is a dating and relationship trainer that has been in the industry for over ten years. However, his recent fame began in 2010 when he initially released his first best seller (Text The Romance Back). The total of books combined since equal up to three and have enabled many people to gain what they thought was already lost.

These books include:

Take a look his books; you can see that Michael Fiore is obviously very involved with the psychological advantage of relationships between men and women. He believes that there are many things that can be controlled in order to achieve the person of your dreams. Since he has been a dating and relationship trainer for many years; he has documented experiences that many of his clients discussed.

Taking this information and figuring out a common denominator, has enabled Michael to create these array of books that can allow you a better understanding of relationships and how to mend them. Even if it takes time and effort; at what length are you willing to go to get back the one that you love? He is responsible for many marriages that resulted from rough patches and a hiatus where each party never thought they could return from. However, with a few tips and techniques; Michael Fiore has been able to change lives.

His popularity has sky rocketed since 2010. With the array of books that he has available; he has made appearances and has had reviews on Rachael Ray’s Talk Show.

Michael, who offers his relationship expertise on TextTheRomanceBack.com, says that because men are visual creatures and women are more about storytelling, the texts each gender sends should be different. “If you’re a woman,” he says, “you can text to your man, ‘Do you remember the smile on my face last night right before you left?’ It makes him think of that right away, he pictures that. To a woman, men would write, ‘Can you imagine how good it’s going to feel when I wrap my arms around you tonight?’, because it causes her to image that.”

Michael adds, “I always tell people to be unapologetically romantic in their texts; being in love is largely a choice, and this way you can just lay your heart out there.” If you’re feeling a little unsure of what kind of texts to send, Michael suggests using what he calls an “appreciation text” … “You have no idea how much I love and appreciate having you in my life, but I’m going to show you tonight … :-)”

Also, you can find many of his books as featured products on many websites. Obviously, with the large amount of success that he has brought to others; you can see how it has been repaid with his career.

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    Arthur Wilson

    • You should be able to get Text Your Ex Back Package, immediately after you make a payment. Please re-check your email you’ve used to purchase.

      Text Your Ex Back have sold many times, and we didn’t have any complaint like yours. If you still haven’t receive, don’t hesitate to contact me back.

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