Make Him Think About You All the Time

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Do you want to make your guy go crazy for you and make him want you all the time? Does your man think about you the way you think about him? You think 24/7 about your man, but does he do the same? If you are worried and dying hard to know and learn the ways to mesmerize a man along with making him love and think about you all the time. Read this….

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If you are in a tight spot and wondering how to make him fall for you, then there is something you need to know.

Undoubtedly, the first steps towards new relationship are the best part of the entire relation. The first meeting or date always brings goose bumps and a tingly feeling of butterflies, which cannot be false. Every feeling that puts the foundation of a new relationship is 100% genuine.

Now the question arises, can this feeling stay forever? Can you make the guy love you more and more with every passing day?

How to become his center of attention? Okay, now somehow you managed to grab his attention for once, but how to ensure that his eyes will stick to you and he’ll start thinking about you for eternity?

Then, hey, how to mesmerize him?

As, you know and might have felt as well; men are somewhat more single minded than women. A women manages to live two phase of life together, 1. A dedicated wife, and 2. a lover; while men don’t or say, they just don’t see the way we do.

Men live a life of specific criterion, where no situation is equal and does not come with potential alternatives.

Not picking the call or not answering the call, would not mean anything negative for him. He’ll just think that you were busy rather than thinking that you are not interested.

So, your first task should be to find his area of interest and keep him interested, thus make him want you.

Your strength and weapons? Control and self confidence. Here is an easy guide for you that will make him love you more and more every day.


#1 Busy Lady

Be a busy lady than a free one. Never make him feel or look that you are desperately waiting for his call. Plan your days, go out, make new hobbies, even if you just want to shift your life a bit.
Be a busy bee and let him know that “very well.” This will not just keep him focused on you, rather he would feel himself lucky to get some time to spend with you.

#2 Do not Bother

Women think from heart and are very easy in opening their emotions; however, this is the biggest mistake made by most of the women. Stop complaining on things like, why didn’t you call me last night/yesterday or today? The blow of questions would do no good, than pushing him away from you. Rather comments like, you have changed or you used to do this before… makes the situation worse. Always keep in mind, men dislike the 24X7 question quiz about relationships.

The beginning of a relationship is often very exciting, as hormones are on overdrive, thus making him want you 24X7. He would want to spend every single moment with you, even if it’s a few steps walk. But, like everything in the world, both life and relationship are progressive.

Gradually, the relationship attains the phase, when you both get comfortable with each other, this is where distance starts taking place as you do not make call every now and then, to feel loved.

#3 Love yourself

If you want to make him fall for you, fall for yourself first. Wear something you like, something that gives you pleasure and makes you feel young and beautiful. When you feel it, it shows. And he’ll would definitely reciprocate the desire.

#4 Good appearances

No matter, how old the proverb is…. But making positive impressions do work. And here, you have to make a series of good impressions. Before showering all your love to him, focus on your appearance and ideas. [Read: Five Dressing Ideas]

#5 Take initiatives

This is all about love not war, so stop taking it the hard way. A direct bedroom strategy or playing games would not be helpful. Not unless, you find it predictable and potential enough to last. If you want him to stick to you and be his center of attention, keep his interests pinned and piqued. You may start with leaving a message commanding him to plan an outing or arrange a romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant.

#6 Blow his ego

This is one of the most obvious steps. Putting compliments over his looks, manners talents, slightly touching his body while passing by, making lots of eye contact and offering smoldering looks, will definitely help you out. Knowing that a smoking hot girl is all ready to get him, will make him want the girl the same way a.k.a. you, all the more.

You might have heard guys demanding for some space and guy time, but this is not always true. It completely depends on your outlook, whether accept this and leave or make him want you, without asking him do make even a single move.

Show him the real women in you. Let him know, how confident and outgoing you are, and to make a stand you don’t need anybody.

These tips will not only make him fall in love with you or want you all the time, but beg you to shower some attention and be around all the more.

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