Magnetic Messaging by Bobby Rio Review – Does it Work?

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Take a look around at any given time and you are sure to see a large number of people checking out their cell phones. We have become a world that is obsessed with the mobile device, which may help explain why text messaging is now almost more popular than regular conversation. It almost seems as though the only way to get anyone’s attention nowadays is to send them a text, and Bobby Rio is out to prove that as fact.

Bobby is perhaps best known as the owner and founder of the men’s lifestyle website, but he has also built himself a reputation as a pick-up artist and author of many successful dating advice books.

His latest offering “Magnetic Messaging” aims to show guys how you can get virtually any girl that you want by sending just 3 simple texts. That may sound fantastic to the average single guy, but the big question has to be whether or not the Magnetic Messaging system actually delivers on its promise.

The concept of the book may sound very simple, but what it actually does is break the art of texting down into the most common scenarios. Those tend to be such things as having a female friend that you’d like to be more than friends with, a girlfriend that you want to keep but who you feel is drifting away, or how to actually contact that hot girl from the bar that gave you her number. What Bobby does is take each individual situation and offer you examples of ways to text that will lead you to achieving your relationship or dating goal.

Bobby also offers you a way to follow up on the responses that you get, no matter how good or bad. In fact, each scenario is basically set up so that you can get straight to point of what you want in as little as 3 texts. The book also shows the common mistakes that guys tend to make over and over again when they text girls. If you have spent any time trying to set up a date via text message, then chances are you have made at least one of those critical mistakes that end up killing your chances.

There are a bunch of cool freebies that come with the downloadable Magnetic Messaging book, with The 99 Best Texts Of All-Time perhaps being the most valuable. What you really get with Magnetic Messaging is a step by step guide to texting that will help you know what to say, and perhaps more importantly, what not to. The advice and tips given seem great and are well worth taking an in-depth look at, but just remember that when those texts work and you get that hot girl to go out, it’s them up to you to impress her without the use of your mobile phone.

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