How to Improve Your Online Dating Profile – 6 Tips

Your profile counts a lot when you are online trying to find a date. Therefore when you set up your profile online, you have to present yourself as best as you can. The following six tips will help you to set up the right profile.

Tip #1 – Shoot properly: When you look into the camera do so with a smile. Your date will be interested to see you only, so the photo you post should not have any other person. The pounds of makeup, big sunglasses, the flirty expression or looking away from the camera, should be avoided at all cost. Moreover if you want to attract the right kinds of guys you should also spare the deep cleavage and shots of drunken party as well.

Tip #2 – Lie properly: People tend to magnify their profiles with wrong personal information. This more often than not is about age, height, weight, income, social status, marital status and also the ‘recent’ photo. If you intend to meet your prospective date in the future then these fibs will make your case that much weaker. Therefore in order to avoid future heartaches the less lies the better.

Tip #3 – State passion properly: Passion can be a good way of starting conversation. However, before you state your passion you also need to consider what reaction it will fetch. For example, if you are very passionate about horror movies and add to your profile that you have watched ‘Silence of the Lambs’ 400 time till date, then you are going to attract raised eye brows. People will think you are crazy and bypass you the first instance. You can save this for the time when you meet in person. Therefore you need to apply caution when you state your passion.

Tip #4 – Share information properly: When you are dating online it is initially like treading into unknown territory. While most of the people are there in search of a partner, there are also people who are there for ulterior motives as well. Therefore you have to be careful of what you post on the net. There are people who have the ability to track you down through some of your information. Just by knowing you last name and the information that you own some property or home they will be able to track you by using various resources like using the online tax rolls to get your address and from there Google can be used to get a satellite photo of your property, house etc. Hence, you should use all caution before you post personal information. After you have met anyone in person a couple of times and judged properly can you divulge your personal details. Here’s good example for effective online dating profile.

Tip #5 – Communicate properly: Communication, especially in writing, should be done with care. You might be a gifted writer and able to belt out cheesy lines with all aplomb, however the effectiveness of your writing will depend on the ability of the reader to translate your writing into the context it is intended. As in verbal conversation we are able to know the reaction of our verbal communication instantly, online reaction to written communication is not that apparent. An expression that might look humorous to you might not be so to the other person. In fact it might induce the opposite reaction on the other person. If you want to use your wit you have to wait till you get to know your potential date well in person before you can apply your written acrobatics. Till then you need to take it easy and play cool.

Tip #6 – Kid properly: When you are posting you profile you need to be serious about it. If you kid around with your profile, your potential targets will assume that you are not serious about your intend dating online. Every one will naturally presume that when you are online looking for a date, you are very serious about it. You might be taking things light heartedly but interpretation might get wrong. If you are not sure about your profile, show it to your friends and have their feedback before you post it.
With the correct information, really recent photo, and right attitude you can open the doors for sincere dating opportunities. You are sure to find the date who will be interested in you if you are serious about it.


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