How to Be a Man Magnet

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Millions of women have trouble attracting men because they simply try too hard. You don’t have to be overly-flirtatious or dress in revealing clothing to get a member of the opposite sex. While some men may like it, this can actually be a huge turn off for a lot of them. If you want to know how to be a man magnet, keep reading and I’ll share with you some basic rules and principles to follow that are sure to turn the heads of men as you walk by.

In a perfect world, women could wake up in the morning, not worry about doing our hair and makeup, and still have guys attracted to us. Unfortunately, if you want men to find you attractive, you’ll need to spend a little time and effort on your presentation. Don’t overboard with layers of makeup caked on your face, but instead lay a basic foundation and emphasize your best facial features. If you have beautiful eyes, use a little eyeliner or add some color on your eyelids.

Hair is arguably one of the most important features on a woman and should never be overlooked. Sure, it’s easier to toss your hair in a ponytail and be done with it for the day, but this is unacceptable unless you’re lying around the house all day eating bon-bons and watching talk shows. Take pride in being a woman and have your hair professionally done by a stylist at least once a month. If this is your first time going to a hair stylist, ask them what type of style would look best on you. A good stylist will be able to critique your hair and transform it into a style that fits you best. After they’ve done your hair, be sure to ask them what you type of maintenance it requires and how you can style it at home.

Even though hair, nails and makeup are important features for women, we should also look at our confidence. It’s scientifically proven that if women don’t think she’s attractive, men wont either. Always carry yourself confidently by walking upright with good posture, talking in a firm, yet feminine tone, and not worrying about what other people think around. This is a huge change for many women and some will find it difficult to do, but after a while it becomes natural.

Typically, men want women who are well-spoken and interesting to talk to. If you get approached by an attractive man at a bar, don’t be afraid to strike up an intellectually-stimulating conversation with him. Keep him on his toes by not coming off as the typical “ditsy” girl who doesn’t know how to properly converse. When he asks you something, be yourself and answer truthfully. Guys don’t want girls to always agree to everything they say or ask.

Even with all of these tips, the most important piece of advice I can give is to be yourself and present yourself with confidence. Finding a man isn’t hard, but attracting one that’s a keeper requires a little bit of effort on your part.

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