How to Ask Someone Out – A Gal’s Guide

You might have got interested in a guy and have been trying for sometimes to attract his attention but failed in all your attempts. You have tried everything you knew like dressing up, crossing and uncrossing your legs and so on, but failed.

The sad part of such episode is that, it has been woven into the fabric of our society for men to ask the fairer sex out and not the other way round. In addition, if a girl dares to do so, she is immediately tagged as cheap. Therefore, the guy has to be tricked into making the first move. Now you have to adopt ways and means to do this, however the simplest way is to flatter him in various ways.

Guys are very egoistic which makes them vain and not easily influenced in any manner. But they do love attention which serves to boost their self ego. Therefore, in order to attract their interest, you can use the following tactics.

Tactic #1 – You can start by copying him. For example, when he crosses or uncrosses his legs, you do the same; or when he does any other action you too follow suit – make sure he is aware of you. Try to laugh aloud at his disgusting jokes.

Tactic #2 – Girls rearranging hair is a sight guys love to see, hence do so in front of him. If you want to add zing to it, just ask him to do it for you. He might not be an expert but he will love getting close to you and feel flattered.

Tactic #3 – Bump into him and say ‘sorry’. This is a dynamic one and you might end up having his phone number.

Most guys are not good at interpreting body language and it might so happen that the above tactics might not work and eventually you have to ask him out yourself directly.

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