Flirting 101: Tips to Get Any Guy to Want You

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flirtingtipswomenWomen have always seemed to hold some sort of magical power over men, but it’s not every female that knows how to use it. Believe it or not, there are flirting experts that can tell you exactly how to use your feminine charms. There is even a conference, known as Single in Stilettos, where unattached ladies can learn the tips of the flirting trade from experts such as Tracey Steinberg. Learning these tips can give women everything they need to get out there are use their feminine wiles to pick up any guy that catches their eye. How cool would it be to go from being the quiet wallflower to the girl that can flirt her way through a room full of guys?

Tracey shares some of her favorite flirting tips with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show. Check it out here:

Miss Steinberg describes flirting as a form of playful communication which both the man and the woman get a kick out of. Flirting involves a lot of subtle body language and just the slightest bit of thinking. Even married women like to flirt a little, just to let everyone know that they still possess that magnetic personality that will attract the fellas. It can be a real ego boost to catch the eye of guys and receive their compliments, knowing you don’t have to act on them. If the idea of flirting with cute guys sounds appealing, then you have to prepare yourself by readying your persona and outer appearance. More from Use Body Language to Attract a Man

If you aren’t sure what we mean by saying that, think of a woman that men desire, such as Angelina Jolie. Steinberg recommends trying to imitate some of the qualities that make her so desirable. One mistake not to make is depending too much on what you wear, as an overtly sexy article of clothing can send the wrong message. You also have to start thinking in a positive manner, with Steinberg suggesting you use affirmations like “I’m a sexy woman” a few times per day. Once you really start to feel the way you think, it’s time to unleash your new persona on those unwitting guys in the places where they regularly hang out.

It may come as a surprise to learn that it’s actually women who initiate the majority of interactions between the sexes. We aren’t suggesting you hit on every single guy that crosses your path, though. Only choose guys that you really like, making sure to include physical signals in your conversation. That means making eye contact and smiling regularly. If you are doing that to a guy across the room, he will immediately know that you are interested and will have the confidence to come over to you. When he comes over, be sure to keep the conversation alive by keeping the subject matter light. Talk about things like the music that playing or what you are drinking, saving the deeper subjects for a later date.

Why not get your girlfriends together and show them your new flirting techniques. You could make a flirting game out of your night out by seeing who can get the most phone numbers from guys. Maybe you’ll even strike lucky and end up finding your soul mate. Good luck!

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