Dates That Went Bad

Story 1
This happened when I was just 15. I met this guy, for convenience sake we will call him Joe, he was handsome and did not seem more than 5 years older to me, which he also told me as well. I presumed that it will not move beyond a single date and therefore I did not hesitate when he asked me out for dinner. The date turned out to be fun. He took me to watch a scary movie which was so scary that I found myself sitting on his lap throughout the movie with him holding me tight. We parted after a long passionate kiss. Thereafter Joe would call up and we talked long on the phone every day. The next summer, we met quite often and became intimate; however the dates were small and sweet. One day I met him at school where I had gone to register. I was happy to see him there and went to him to kiss and hug him, but he refused to acknowledge me and touch me. I could not understand his behavior and went on to finish my registration. On reaching home I rang him up in order to know the reason of his strange behavior, but he insisted that we could not meet anymore. I was humiliated. My embarrassment continued when I met him on the first day on my school and learn that he in fact was 15 years older to me and that he is my Geography teacher. It turned out that everyone in the school knew about our affair. That was the most regretful class that I attended.

Story 2
This happened at a party in one of my friends’ house where I met this guy and fell for him. This was in spite of the fact that he was notorious for his one night stands with many girls and never getting back to them thereafter. I thought may be it would be different with me. However, it was a mistake, it was no different with me as well and I never heard from him after that night. The sad part of the episode is that this was the first time I slept with a guy.

Story 3
This happened when I was on a date with my girlfriend. Suddenly she went over to a boy and kissed him. I was astonished and angry at her kissing a guy who was uglier than me. She said that she was doing CPR on him. I was so angry that I ran home all the way feeling embarrassed and sad. Next morning she came looking pretty and all and said sorry for her behavior. I said why be sorry you just saved his life by giving CPR!

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