How To Get A Guy To Text You Back Quicker

Summary of the video: 1. Play Hard to Get 2. Don't Bombard Him 3. Have Other Interests 4. Know What Interests Him 5. Don't make false promises 6. Don't send any photos you will regret later 7. Ask for his opinion/advice 8. Don't appear needy 9. Make other plans 10. Realize your worth … [Read more...]

8 Common Mistakes Women Make When They Send Men Text


Do you know what the etiquette of texting is? When it comes to women texting men, most females don’t really know how to flirt by text. They make common little mistakes that can do irreparable harm for their chance at happiness. What mistakes do women tend to make when texting someone they like? 1 – One Liner Texts While both men and woman are guilty of the one liner texts, men are far guiltier of doing it. What’s the one liner text? It’s when you have nothing really to say except “Hi”, “Hello”, “Yo”, etc. There’s nothing flirty about one liner texts; omit them from … [Read more...]

Make Him Think About You All the Time

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Do you want to make your guy go crazy for you and make him want you all the time? Does your man think about you the way you think about him? You think 24/7 about your man, but does he do the same? If you are worried and dying hard to know and learn the ways to mesmerize a man along with making him love and think about you all the time. Read this…. If you are in a tight spot and wondering how to make him fall for you, then there is something you need to know. Undoubtedly, the first steps towards new relationship are the best part of the entire relation. The first meeting or date … [Read more...]

Flirting 101: Tips to Get Any Guy to Want You


Women have always seemed to hold some sort of magical power over men, but it’s not every female that knows how to use it. Believe it or not, there are flirting experts that can tell you exactly how to use your feminine charms. There is even a conference, known as Single in Stilettos, where unattached ladies can learn the tips of the flirting trade from experts such as Tracey Steinberg. Learning these tips can give women everything they need to get out there are use their feminine wiles to pick up any guy that catches their eye. How cool would it be to go from being the quiet wallflower to … [Read more...]

How to Be a Man Magnet


Millions of women have trouble attracting men because they simply try too hard. You don't have to be overly-flirtatious or dress in revealing clothing to get a member of the opposite sex. While some men may like it, this can actually be a huge turn off for a lot of them. If you want to know how to be a man magnet, keep reading and I'll share with you some basic rules and principles to follow that are sure to turn the heads of men as you walk by. In a perfect world, women could wake up in the morning, not worry about doing our hair and makeup, and still have guys attracted to us. … [Read more...]