What Do’s and Dont’s on Your First Date


The first dates can be very un-nerving; it can make even the brave ones silent and shy, which induces mistakes that are quite embarrassing. Such situation can create the chance of blowing away the opportunity of subsequent dates. In the previous post you can learn how to dress for the first date. Now, here are some tips that will help you make your first date successful with the added bonus of creating a good impression as well. Do’s Be on time – you will not like to disappoint your date by reaching late. Either the person will think that you are tardy and will leave before you … [Read more...]

Use These 5 Dressing Ideas for First Date

woman is deciding which dress to buy

Getting dressed up for your first date is rather tricky, you are not aware of the tastes of the person. If you presume that your dress will give away your personality, then the task become more complex. Here are five dressing ideas discussed here that can save the day for you. 1. Overdressing – this you should avoid in order to make an impression on your date. Whatever dress you choose, wear it and see how you feel wearing it. If you feel ugly then discard it and in case you feel comfortable and good about yourself, wear it. Since this is an informal affair you need to avoid wearing any … [Read more...]