8 Common Mistakes Women Tend To Make When They Send Men Text

Do you know what the etiquette of texting is? When it comes to women texting men, most females don’t really know how to flirt by text. They make common little mistakes that can do irreparable harm for their chance at happiness. What mistakes do women tend to make when texting someone they like?

1 – One Liner Texts

While both men and woman are guilty of the one liner texts, men are far guiltier of doing it. What’s the one liner text? It’s when you have nothing really to say except “Hi”, “Hello”, “Yo”, etc. There’s nothing flirty about one liner texts; omit them from the conversation.

2 – Oversharing

When you’re flirting by text, it’s vitally important you don’t overshare your life’s details. The idea is to keep him/her interested. If you overshare, what more do they need to find out about you? Keep all texts to one or two sentences and be a little mysterious in them.

3 – Naked Pictures

Believe it or not, men and women do not like to get naked picture texts. As much as that might surprise folks, most men and women don’t want to see a naked body in their text message. Naked pictures don’t leave much for the man to imagine. And, keep in mind, if you’re sending naked picture text messages to a guy you barely know, they’re bound to show it off to their male friends or post it on the ‘net.

If you really want to send a naked picture by text, do it without your face in it. Consider sending him a hip and stomach pic to drive him wild and leave him thinking what else does she have to offer?

4 – Needy Texts

This is really self-explanatory! Don’t send texts like:

- haven’t I heard from you?
- What you up to right now?
- Who are you hanging out with?
- Where are you at?
- Do you like someone else?

Texts like these will only make a man run for the highest hill and furthest away from you. Here is something to remember: take a nice deep breath before you start writing a text. Ask your best guy friend if what you’re writing would freak him out and if you’re given a yes, don’t send it! Just delete it!

5 – Broad Questions

Never send broad questions through text messages because answering them in 160 characters or less can be difficult to do. Rather, asking poignant questions like “Did you see the game”, “Did you have to work”, etc. These things will allow him to send you quick replies.

6 – The Talk

When you said text messages, you don’t want the person receiving them feeling like their own the guillotine. If you come across as being mad, he’s likely not to respond to you or dread doing so.

7 – Missing Messages

Don’t ever send the following text message, “Did you get my last text?” The reason is that more than likely he did get it and decided not to respond to it. If you want him to respond, keep things lighthearted so you don’t come across as annoying.

8 – Accusation Texts

The last thing you need to do is fight by texts. Don’t come across as accusatory or spiteful. It’s true that waiting for a man to respond to your texts will cause the anger to build up.

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