How to Date Multiple Women by Joshua Pellicer


Most guys find it rather difficult to find that one perfect woman to go out with. In fact, a number strike out on the first few tries. Some may never even get lucky. But what if you got the chance to date not only one girl, but two, three or more  all at the same time? Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? But based on his "How to date multiple Women videos" author Joshua Pellicer says he can help you get and date as many girls as you want. At this point, you might be wondering whether the videos are worth it. At first glance you may even doubt the possibility of any girl being open to a … [Read more...]

Michael Webb: 500 Lovemaking Tips & Secrets Review


Who doesn't enjoy sex? Most everyone I know love it. There are some--okay, hundreds--of people who want and need to get more from their sex life. The big question I recently came across a blog post filled to the gill with love making tips--500 to be exact. I thought it was, well, interesting to say the least. For those of you out there who may need a little help in the love making department, this book may just be what you are looking for. But before you order it, I felt it was only fair to give an honest review of the product. Michael Webb, author of "500 Lovemaking Tips and … [Read more...]

Randy Bennet’ Melt Your Man’s Heart Review


The vast majority of programs, systems, print books and eBooks that claim to teach you how to create a strong and lasting relationship are little more than a scam designed by a savvy business person to entice you to spend your money in hopes of achieving bliss in your relationship. However, Melt Your Man’s Heart is not like other programs out there. It suggests approaches that are truly practical and also provides long term solutions for the issues that you may encounter on the way to melting your man’s heart. The following information will help you to see how this system works so that … [Read more...]

Men Made Easy: Kara Oh – An Honest Review


For some women, the frustrations of a relationship, or the lack thereof, can be a never ending pain. In many cases, women will simply decide that there isn't a relationship available for them because of the difficulty there is in understanding men. Well, this is all in the past. Kara Oh, author of "Man Made Easy" has created a masterpiece for women or men, that will help them understand all there is to know about a man, their secrets, and how to successfully unlock their hearts. In the following paragraphs, you are going to experience an honest review about this offering, and whether … [Read more...]