The Tao of Badass Review – Does It Really Work?

the tao of badass book

The Tao of Badass is a new addition to the dating game for men that are trying to become better at meeting and picking up beautiful women. It doesn't just provide dating advice; it actually gives examples of what to do to become a "badass" or "bad boy"; if you will. After all, women are supposedly attracted to men that live dangerously close to the edge. But, if you are just not that guy; The Tao of Badass can help you seem that way making it extremely easy to meet women. You no longer have to feel inferior when walking into a room full of beautiful women simply because you will be the … [Read more...]

Annalyn Caras’ Mesmerize Him Review – Make Him Fall!

mesmerize him book review

Mesmerize Him book is created by Annalyn Caras and this is an eBook that would assist women to understanding men in their lives. It is very important because if women have a clue about how men are thinking, they don't need to guess about how women will affect their minds. Behavior patterns that associated with men and women are discussed very close for you, so you can learn some insight on how you can keep your relationship stronger. This book teaches a lot about how to understand men better, improve personality and become a desirable woman. With the Mesmerize Him a woman could finally go … [Read more...]

How To Become A Guy Magnet Review – Book By James Scott

how to becoma a guy magnet james scott

Attracting guys is something that seems difficult to many women. No matter how hard some women try, they just cannot seem to find the right man. It sometimes seems as if there is a secret to finding the right one. Women either find the wrong type or man, or never find a man at all. On the other hand, if they do find a man, they have trouble holding on to him because of a lack of knowledge of what do in relationships. Another problem is finding a man, but not getting him to commit. Most women just do not know how to become a guy magnet. If you are one of those unfortunate women, then this … [Read more...]

Michael Fiore: The Relationship Expert

who is michael fiore

Michael Fiore has been called “The man with the magic thumbs” ever since he created a way to mend broken relationships. He is a dating and relationship trainer that has been in the industry for over ten years. However, his recent fame began in 2010 when he initially released his first best seller (Text The Romance Back). The total of books combined since equal up to three and have enabled many people to gain what they thought was already lost. These books include: Text Your Ex Back Text the Romance Back The Secret Survey Capture His Heart (with Claire Casey) Take a look his … [Read more...]

Matt Huston – The Ex Boyfriend Guru

who is matt huston

Matt Huston is known as the “Ex Boyfriend Guru” because of his knowledge in relationships and of course; men. He has been a relationship counselor for ten hours and has degrees regarding psychology that has helped him establish a sense of input for his books. In fact, he makes it clear that his advice may not work for every woman and their relationship, but is highly effective with most. Because he specializes in relationships and how women can cope and understand the methodology of a man; you can find his books sold practically in the internet. His collection of books includes: - Ex2 … [Read more...]