Top 5 Dating Sites Worth to Try

Here are five different dating sites that you can browse to find your perfect match. PerfectMatch - This site has a free personality analysis scheme done through their Duet Total Compatibility System, which is unique to the site and not found on any other such sites. Based on the data you provide, a prefect match will found. Emphasis is placed on long-term partnership instead of casual dates. Those who prefer serious relationship, this site is ideal for them. - This site uses a Compatibility Matching System to find a match … [Read more...]

Dates That Went Bad

Story 1 This happened when I was just 15. I met this guy, for convenience sake we will call him Joe, he was handsome and did not seem more than 5 years older to me, which he also told me as well. I presumed that it will not move beyond a single date and therefore I did not hesitate when he asked me out for dinner. The date turned out to be fun. He took me to watch a scary movie which was so scary that I found myself sitting on his lap throughout the movie with him holding me tight. We parted after a long passionate kiss. Thereafter Joe would call up and we talked long on the phone every day. … [Read more...]