How to Improve Your Online Dating Profile – 6 Tips

Your profile counts a lot when you are online trying to find a date. Therefore when you set up your profile online, you have to present yourself as best as you can. The following six tips will help you to set up the right profile. Tip #1 – Shoot properly: When you look into the camera do so with a smile. Your date will be interested to see you only, so the photo you post should not have any other person. The pounds of makeup, big sunglasses, the flirty expression or looking away from the camera, should be avoided at all cost. Moreover if you want to attract the right kinds of guys you … [Read more...]

Use Body Language to Attract a Man

If you want to attract the man of your desire, you can do so without speaking out a word. You can use the movement of your body to do so. This attitudes of the body is called body language which you can use to send out the right signals to either attract the right guy or repel the wrong one. Your eyes Eye contact is the most important factor in body language. You can begin with sidelong glances and then make direct eye contact. When your eyes meet, lower yours with a smile. He will presume that you were eyeing him and now embarrassed at being caught. Next time, when you look up, hold … [Read more...]